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   Some time ago a History Changer put many hours in attempting to prove to the Isshin-ryu world that his information was correct so that he lost track of what he was writing, for no person can tell a lie twice without changing it a bit.


   While I was not in the country he either came to my dojo or met one of my students at a tournament. No matter how he got his information, the fact remains was that he completely ignored written proof of what was in front of him, and put on page 173 of that book what he wanted to, making no mention of Phoenix, even though a Freedom of Information letter was in front of him.


   Now that, in itself, is not important to me, but then, since he ran out of facts to make history with, he had to claim mistakes in his first book, in order to sell the second. Keep in mind that there never ever was any information concerning Phoenix until he advertised his second book, claiming me a fraud.


   His need to justify his actions, to sell something, led him to discrediting Don Bohan, who, no matter what, gave him much information, as well as the photos that he published. He disassociated himself, for whatever reason, from the people that assisted him in putting the first book together. All this to make money, to gain profit, to make an attempt to rise himself faster than those who put so many more years into Isshin-ryu. Make note that his plan did not work. I feel that he embarrassed himself. I'll try to add to that embarrassment.


   The questions later asked of me in a letter dated May 29, 1996, was to answer his questions. I suspect that Don Bohan gave him the questions to ask, and that's sad, because Don was no grunt and the other could not graduate the Boy Scouts.


   Questions were: What were Operations "Black Hand," and "Group Hand." My answer to that is that every action, down to a lowly kidnapping, were designated "Operations," no one human being could answer that, as far as I was concerned. One thing must be remembered. Any assignations shoot on sight missions always carried "Black" designations. In Phoenix the designation was "wet." But in order to answer properly, which I am doing with this writing, I am submitting a CIA letter dated July 10, 1996 which states that his questions had no merit, therefore no answer. But, in fairness to this author, I will answer his answerable questions, what were Red Team, Green Team, and Blue Team?


   These terms are common knowledge to any field marine that wants to stay alive: They were color codes. I do not know what a Green Team was. Maybe they planted grass after Agent Orange died out.


Red Team:               Gunships were Red Teams.
Blue Team:              Troop carriers
White Team:            Light operations helicopters (loh)
Pink Team:              A LOH and a Gunship combined
All American Team:  Combination Red, White, and Blue Teams.


   With respect to the requests from Representative Bartlett from the author, I offer a copy of a certified letter to the Representative from me that was left unanswered, as well as the CIA liaison, for it is very illegal to pull any records without my permission, much less something as important as this.


   Funny, I don't feel as good as I anticipated, with this set to paper, and I miss the feeling of being angry. One of the Government shrinks, as late as 1985 answered my question, Why do I not feel angry anymore? His answer was old age, the loss of testosterone. That was twenty years ago. I wish they would make a pill to replace that.


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Copyright 2005 Harry G. Smith