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About copyright


1966 FILM

Steve Armstrong's Tacoma Dojo


     Available to view at this site: Tatsuo Shimabukuro filmed at Steve Armstrong's dojo in 1966.


     The information you are getting is just as if someone left a memorandum to refresh another persons memory of what he already knows.

     The kata movements is all basics and bunkai cannot be matched and if you take the movements as set in concrete you will never be able to understand them. Take them for what they were intended, just a reminder of what once was. Also in 1966 Sensei did Sanchin completely different than in 1956-58, even put more moves in the kata.

     Do not judge Sensei's performance. It is obvious to any viewer of the information that Sensei is completely disinterested. Note that even in this slow state his kicks were still like lightning and most of all, the key description of what we should all do, every move was effortless.



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The original recordings of the 1966 Film as taken at Steve Armstrong's Tacoma Dojo are in the process of being digitized as well as about 30 minutes of recordings of take-downs and bunkai. These films shall be offered on DVD at the GKA Store (copyrighted by Harry G. Smith in 1966).




Copyright 2005 Harry G. Smith