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Discussion site

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Mondo = The technique of transferring information between teacher and student using mental and verbal questions and answers.


I have viewed many versions of ways to exchange information throughout the Internet. Some have a method of identifying the writer by way of an email address. The trouble with this is a person can circumvent this simply by making up a false email address. This is particularly useful to those who want to discredit others and at the same time stroke the writer's ego.


Some webmasters, catering to the negative thinking persons of the internet, allow uncensored open questions and sometimes even answers no matter how wrong the answer is. This allows these persons to write hurtful comments without accounting for those words. This way of idea exchange only causes the further separation of thinking that should be as one.

Another method of ego stroking is for John Doe to write about another person in a very positive manner, building up a person so high that he appears God-like. The trouble with this is that the person he is raising to a high plateau is himself, just using different names.


To me, the most important problem, the problem of a devoted student not wanting to ask a question for fear of appearing less than knowledgeable. This becomes a very big problem when a writer intentionally uses Japanese or Okinawan words, again to enhance his own status. He could just as easily answer or ask a question in a manner that all can understand.


With all this in mind, this site will require a membership in Guardian Karate Association.


The petitioner would be required to complete an application proving their identity. The petitioner would then be given a code to use but would still remain anonymous. If any negative or hurtful statements were made then, and only then, would the true writers identify be made available to the site list.


This site will also be used for those homebound students who subscribe to the Eightfold Path. The thought behind this is that those who subscribe will have access to ask questions directly of others and myself and in turn my answer to the question would be available for scrutiny by my peers, thus ensuring correct and proper answers. I welcome any and all thoughts on this subject.




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Copyright 2005 Harry G. Smith