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Nobel Peace Prize 1994

In 1994 Kenzaburo Oe won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. On August 15, 1995, in his speech while commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Japanese surrender to the United States, he made a very significant statement that should prove once and for all that some goals set by Masters are simply not obtainable because these goals do not now nor have they ever existed. We can write of “Ninja” walking through walls, human beings with superhuman strength breaking items, driving nails, and even some cultures believing Fakirs can levitate. There is an easy answer for the levitating fantasy, but we will dwell on the culture that has given those of us a goal to follow in life, some impossible, some not so.


Kenzaburo Oe stated that the Emperor of Japan speaking to us in a “voice” was beyond imagining in any reverie. He was referring to Emperor Hirohito’s radio address to his people on August 15, 1945 regarding the defeat of Japan. This message caused thousands to commit ritual suicide, not because of their defeat, but because the radio address proved the Emperor to be human, not a God. This as late as 1945. Using this irrefutable tragedy as proof, it is easy to understand how a culture that accepted myths as facts could believe the existence of goals not obtainable by humans. This site will dwell on fact and goals that can truly be reached with persistent, continuous hard work and a completely open mind.


With this in mind I will give you the first “path” to follow.                                      NEXT

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